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We are not a church that believes in forcing people to give money. We are not a church that pushes you to give every time you are here. In fact, if you are visiting from another church, we encourage you to give to your local body! We are a church that believes that as you sow, whether in Tithes and/or Offerings, you will reap both in your heart and in your life. Giving is not just about money to us, but releasing people to the greater promises that God has for each and every one of us! Giving is done through a relationship and love of Him, of the body and as disciples of the Word of God (the Bible). We stand by faith that as we give, God will release a harvest in our lives, not for wants or luxuries but for the advancing of the Kingdom of God to a lost and dark World! Money is needed to run any given ministry, but we will not stand by and do it contrary to the Word nor through the abuse and deceit of corrupt leaders. We will give in faith according to truth and love! 

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