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helping feed those in need

ISAIAH 58:10-11

Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble.

Then your light will shine out from the darkness,
and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.
The Lord will guide you continually,
giving you water when you are dry
and restoring your strength.
You will be like a well-watered garden,
like an ever-flowing spring.

Mission Statement

The River Family Christian Center seeks to be an outreach in our community. We desire to eliminate the hunger gap in Southeastern, Ohio by providing backpacks with food. Each backpack will contain enough food to feed one child for an entire weekend, during the school year. This service is provided to children in elementary schools and junior high schools in Washington, Morgan, and Noble counties. 


Vision Statement

The River Family Christian Center wants to end childhood hunger in Southeastern, Ohio by partnering with individuals, charities, and businesses.


Facts and Figures

Hunger is a real problem in America, and especially in the Southeast Ohio region. Children who face hunger are more likely to struggle in school and experience developmental setbacks. Kids who struggle with having enough food to eat also face higher risks of poor health conditions like anemia and asthma. It’s a simple fact: A child’s chance for a bright tomorrow starts with getting enough healthy food to eat today. However, in America, 1 in 6 children may not know where they will get their next meal. In Ohio alone, 1,758,310 people struggle with hunger, and of them 528,960 are children. Ohio’s food insecurity is 21.9%! Food insecurity is defined as the number of children under age 18 living in limited or uncertain availability of safe, nutritious food at some point during the year. For the nearly 13 million kids in the U.S. facing hunger, getting the energy they need to learn and grow can be a day-in, day-out challenge. (Feeding America)


The Southeast Ohio Foodbank is a wonderful resource of relief and information. They have found that in Southeast, Ohio one in four children, and one in six adults do not know where their next meal will come from. The numbers speak loudly. In Washington County, 15.7% of people are in poverty. Morgan County has 20.3% residents who live in poverty. Also, Noble County has an 11.9% poverty statistic. These are staggering figures when you consider how advanced we are as a nation, in other areas.



Those statics are devastating! We must do something to help the children. There is no reason that here in America, any child should go hungry!

About Us

We are a non-profit, christian organization seeking to help our community. We operate on an all-volunteer basis. We receive no earnings from this endeavor, except to be more Christ-like.


This program, Hearts for Kids, was began three years ago as a ministry outreach in our community. It has been strictly operated on a volunteer basis. We truly have a heart of compassion for our community.


Currently, we serve an average of 99 children from Washington, and Noble counties. However, we have been asked to add 20 children from Morgan county. Also, there are 150 children on a waiting list in Noble county for this service. This breaks our hearts. No one should have to been on a waiting list for food.


We are excited to be able to offer this service to more children, as no child should ever have to go hungry. However, financial facts do not lie. We need the communities’ help and backing to be able to expand our current services. 


How it Works

The food items are purchased at the lowest possible rate available. Next, the items are brought to The River Family Christian Center. Then, the items are sorted and bagged for distribution. Distribution is as follows; after being sorted into bags, the bags are distributed to local schools by a volunteer from our church, who receives nothing monetarily to complete this service. It is accomplished on their own time, in their own automobile, and with their own gas, to a three county range.



Financing Objectives

Previously, Hearts for Kids has operated on funding from our church, The River Family Christian Center,  a $200 per month donation from Faith Joy Fellowship Church, and a one time grant of $3000 through the Marietta Welfare League, which was used last school year and is non-renewable. However, with the ever-increasing needs and requests from schools to provide more help; we are looking to supplement our funding with additional funds donated by non-profit groups, agencies, for profit businesses, and individuals  throughout our communities. 




Governing Control

The Hearts for Kids program will be governed by a board of members from, The River Family Christian Center. If an individual desires to have input into the program; the request will be made known to the entire board, and pastors. Then a decision shall be made by those on the board, in conjunction with the pastors.



Partnering With Us

Join us in the fight against childhood hunger in our communities.

We are asking that you partner with us, financially, to help meet the needs of our communities. Consider this decision prayerfully. Imagine what a difference you could make in the lives of many children. Your partnering with us on the mission would benefit not only the children, but the parents/grandparents/guardians of the children will also receive the added benefit of less stress to come up with ways to put food on the table. Additionally, your financial gift is tax deductible. Please, consider partnering with us. The children are waiting. There are currently 30 children on the waiting list for this program in Noble County and 150 in Morgan County alone.