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Nursery (Ages 0-3) – This ministry watches over, takes care of and/or helps out with the care of your child during any given church service. Along with the expected care, the babies are also read to, prayed over, and they spend time in worship. We want you to know that when you pick up your child at the end of service, that your baby has experienced the Word of God and has been blessed by the teachers. Nursery is open during our Sunday and Wednesday services at the beginning of service. It is also open any time during the service to bring your children back or pick them up. You are free to worship with the little ones in the sanctuary as a family and then take them to the nursery at any time. Whatever you decide, we honor whatever choice your family makes.

Pre–Kindergarten (Ages 4-6) – The toddlers participate in praise & worship with their families and other children during the praise and worship of service. They are then dismissed to go to their class, after they are released by the Pastor to transition out. The toddlers study the word each week through hearing the Word, speaking the Word and Hands on Activities. They are then led into an object lesson where they move into experiencing God and begin to become active ministers for the Kingdom. During service, you may see the toddlers going around and praying over the other classrooms, the sanctuary, and wherever the Lord leads them to pray and seek His will. This group is passionate about being doers of His Word.

Elementary (Ages 7-9) – The Elementary division is an exciting place. Children become so hungry for the Word of God and a relationship with Him when they realize they have a part in God’s plan. Children go through a variety of hands on classes where they are given the foundations and deep things of the word along with the understanding of the reality of the Spirit and the Kingdom of God. You will see a variety of teaching methods from skits, object lessons, puppets, sword drills, book clubs, etc. Some of the most precious times are to see the children praying for each other and praying for each other’s family members. You may even look in the class and see the children just resting in the Lord and seeking to hear what God is saying to them. Like the toddlers, the children praise & worship with their families and friends and then afterwards are dismissed to their class by the Pastor before the message.

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