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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

The word of God is full of many different stories and testimonies, it also has some staggering scriptures that leaves people unsure of what it exactly means. One of the scriptures that we see is Matthew 11:12.


From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force.

This scripture is immensely powerful! Some would even say staggering in the way it is said. This is also a scripture that believers will often pass over almost as to say, that is not being a nice Christian. But they fail to see the power that is in this scripture.

As we look closer, we begin to see that this is talking about a people who have a tenacity to keep going in spite of adversity and in spite of different obstacles that are in their way. The church today has been taught about Grace. Now before we go any further, I want you to understand, I believe in the grace of God! If it were not for His mercy and His grace I would not be where I am today.

What is Grace? How do we define it? Grace can be defined in the following ways.

Grace- A. a divine inflection of the heart brought about by divinity. B. God’s unmerited favor Now the question that could be asked is what do we do with that Grace? Is grace to forgive us? Or is Grace to empower us to walk in the callings of God? I will tell you that many things that are being taught today about Grace is not actually Grace. It is mercy. God‘s mercy it’s what forgives us and allows us to walk into truth. His grace empowers us to do what truth has called us to.

So now that we understand grace. Let’s look deeper into the scripture. The kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force. What does this say to you and I? This speaks of a tenacity that the church is to half. This tenacity keeps us moving even in the greatest opposition and the greatest obstacles that could stand in our way. This tenacity keeps us trusting in God and standing in faith for his promises in our lives. Recently in one of our services, a wonderful woman of God, a mother in the faith, came forward and gave a testimony. This the woman began to share how she had been believing for her daughters healing. You see, her daughter had cancer, both her and her husband stood in faith for their daughters complete and total healing. This woman who is now in her 70's shared how they trusted God. Then she said, when what she and her husband had been believing for did not happen, they had to come to a place to keep fighting. She would go on to share that just a 13 years later, her son would have an accident and did not make it. Again, they were faced with it is a decision that they must believe God and keep pressing forward.

To this day, they still press forward and believe God for the promises in their lives. They stand in faith for God to move. You see, God is calling the church in America to mature. He is calling us to stop trying to live for the temporal things and start living for the eternal things.

As we read the scripture, the speaks of a kingdom that is ever advancing. Now I would ask you to look at your walk with the Lord. Are you advancing in your walk or are you stagnant? We are living in unprecedented times and this is not a time to be in fear, but in fact, this is a time to walk in both faith and move forward with the things of God! We should absolutely be walking in the good works that God has called us too! The temporal things are quickly losing their taste. The only thing that matters is Jesus and his will for our lives! You and I are called into this! You and I are called to walk with God amid hard times and to continue to advance His Kingdom! To many are slipping back into fear. What does this say of American Christianity? It says many have likened it to a hobby. But God is not a hobby, He is the Creator of all! Jesus Christ is the King of kings and the Lord of lords! Because this is who he is, we need to understand that he has called us into so much more!

Saints of God, I will tell you that now is the time to press in! Now is the time to believe for God to move in our jobs, in our schools, in our homes! Now is the time for us to see God move on the earth! You and I are the salt and the light of the earth, if salt loses its flavor, it is not worth anything. People actually trample it under their feet. Are people trampling our witness under their feet? Or do we stand as a beacon of hope to declare salvation to this land?

How do you measure your walk with God? Are you committed for the long haul? Or are you walking into each day with a tenacity and a fierce faith! Because now is the time for sons and daughters of God to arise! Now is the time for you us to no longer stand silent as our friends and family are dying and going to hell each and every day! Now is the time to walk worthy of what we were called into! Now is the time!!

If you have not been bold, ask the Lord to forgive you and step into the place of fulfillment that you are called!

Rise up! Be bold! Tell people about Jesus and what He has done for you! The best is yet to come, and we get to be a part of it!

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